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☠Reese accused Clark of disrespecting members of her team as well as South Carolina players at a previous game. Her LSU teammate Alexis Morris had already criticized the Hawkeyes' defense, saying she found the way they guarded South Carolina "disrespectful" and vowing to "take it personally" going into the final.↯M39014/01-1456V✉Kyodo News said Japanese coast guard ships also found traces of oil that may be related to the missing helicopter, but officials declined to confirm the report.✯CDR33BX683AKWSAJ▧The show's title takes its name from a collage that Mutu created in 2003. The image — inspired by a photograph from National Geographic of two dogs fighting over a scrap of meat — places the animal heads on two women's bodies, who pose like a pair of fashion models, highlighting themes that Mutu has addressed repeatedly throughout her career, such as transmutation and sexuality.☻GMC21CG240J50NTD↣Kentucky's Republican-majority legislature approved the legislation, and it became law after Beshear, a Democrat, neither signed nor vetoed it.✄

♣Ardern resigned as prime minister and left Parliament earlier this year and said she "no longer had enough in the tank" to continue in politics.▷0603J3001P20CQT↼The more time that passes, and the further away a Mercer (and Mekhi) acceptance feels, Autumn begins to focus on the fact that going to such great lengths to bring people together is bringing her joy. I believe this is truly the lynchpin of Garrett's novel: the oft-overlooked importance of joy in a driven young person's efforts to achieve their goals.▩


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CKC33C104FWGACAUTO◙Police were able to track the truck to Cobb County, where police narrowed in on their search to a building near a shopping area by Truist Park, home of the Atlanta Braves baseball team, where they arrested Patterson.↮TRJC106M025RRJ♪Disney's animated hit movie Moana is getting a live-action remake, the company announced Monday.↪

▥Murray re-introduced legislation on Thursday that would require insurance companies to cover over-the-counter birth control pills as soon as they become available without a prescription, as recently recommended unanimously by a Food and Drug Administration panel. More than 100 countries already allow oral contraceptives to be dispensed this way.➞

✙The birthday girl's brother, 18-year-old Philstavious "Phil" Dowdell of Camp Hill, Alabama, died as his sister knelt beside him begging him to keep breathing. He and another fatal victim, 17-year-old Shaunkivia Nicole "KeKe" Smith of Dadeville, were high school seniors. Also slain were Marsiah Emmanuel "Siah" Collins, 19, of Opelika, Alabama, and Corbin Dahmontrey Holston, 23, of Dadeville.☍


┲One doctor, hailed as a mentor, reportedly stabbed to death as he took his father to dialysis. Another doctor, after days of coping with medical crisis in Khartoum, decides he must flee for his life to a safer city.↢SF10CG-T↸Amid the chaos, the military accused what it called "evil elements" of inciting attacks against security installations and accused protesters of wanting to push Pakistan into "a civil war."☠FLZ39VB▶ATLANTA — Georgia Republican lawmakers approved a measure last week that would outlaw local officials from seeking almost all third-party funding to help cover the costs of running elections.▣2220Y0500100KCT☺Ahead of a "major announcement" in his hometown of North Charleston, S.C., on Monday, Republican Sen. Tim Scott has quietly made his run for president official. In a filing with the Federal Election Commission Friday, Scott filed a Statement of Candidacy as a member of the Republican Party. The office sought? President.♚

▐CAIRO — Arab government representatives in Cairo voted Sunday to return Syria to the Arab League after a 12-year suspension, according to the organization.▎GCM31MR72A154KA37K↗During the unwieldy, more-than-an-hour long live town hall, in which Trump often talked past and over CNN moderator Kaitlan Collins, whom he called "nasty" while she pressed him on a question, Trump lied repeatedly.⇋

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